may, 2023

23may15:0017:00Workshop: Breaking BordersFontys International Business School Crossing Borders


Event Details

Did you ever consider working at the other side of the border? Do you think you are able to work at the other side of the border? Who would you contact for assistance? In our increasingly globalized world, the need for cross-border labour market integration has become more important than ever. With the movement of people and goods across international borders, it is essential to explore the opportunities and challenges that arise from this phenomenon.

Organized by the research chair Cross-Border Business Development, join us for an insightful and interactive workshop together with three special guests, as we delve deeper into this highly relevant issue. All three experts have extensive labour market experience coming from different roles. On a daily basis, they are concerned with connecting supply and demand in the cross-border labour market.

Through this event, we would like to shed light on potential solutions and different viewpoints, highlighting the unique advantages of cross-border labour market integration. Following the discussion, you will take part in the “competency game”, led by Nick Poeth, which is designed to provide new insights into the dilemmas that can arise in the Dutch-German labour market.

Do not miss this valuable opportunity to engage in meaningful conversation and gain a deeper understanding of one of the most significant topics for this border region.

This workshop is part of a series! Save the dates: 28 September & 16 November, approx. 15:00-17:00

More information: website Fontys.

Registration: here.


(Tuesday) 15:00 - 17:00


Fontys Venlo Room W1-0.04 (Service Engineering Lab)

Tegelseweg 255, 5912 BG Venlo


Fontys International Business School Crossing Borders

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